When you are deciding how to accommodate your fleet needs, you might find your options to be limited. We are here to help, let us look after your fleet while you focus on the core of your business. After listening to our clients, Addison Fleet realized that we need to adapt to news ways of operating, so we have developed a program to offer short term leasing across Canada.

CHOICE Leasing has been developed with our clients needs in mind. The most popular and flexible option for short term lease program, CHOICE allows the ability for our clients to commit to a short term (6 months minimum) and have the option to continue month by month extension or roll the asset into a long-term lease. The CHOICE is yours, whether you need vehicles based on seasonal requirements, projects or to accommodate new vehicle order scheduling. Addison Fleet has the vehicle you need and for as long as you want.

Benefits of Short-Term Leasing:
  • Add/Dispose of vehicles when you want to without penalty
  • Not being tied down to a lengthy lease contract
  • Minimal Maintenance Requirements
  • Fleet consists with the most up to date vehicles
  • Maximize utilization of your fleet
  • Flexible Mileage Program
  • Competitive rates
  • Vehicle Delivery and Pick Up

Being able to change in and out of vehicles helps you keep your fleet costs down and minimizes sitting vehicles. Give us a call and talk with one of our Choice Leasing Advisors for available inventory across Canada and if we do not have what you want- we will do our best to get it!

Call 1-866-260-0566 or email inquiry to choice@addisonfleet.com

Its nice to have a CHOICE.