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Addison Fleet Technology

A series of specifically designed solutions custom crafted to make managing your fleet and all operations as simple as possible.

1. Lifecycle Analysis

Addison’s Vehicle Solutions are custom designed to meet each individual fleet’s unique needs and provide an easy and cost effective procurement solution. We strategically manage every stage of the vehicle life cycle to effectively minimize fleet costs. Whether you’re in need of a single vehicle or a full fleet management solution, Addison has the technology to save you time and money.

Addison offers a number of flexible lease solutions designed to meet individual financial objectives and improve cash flow. With competitive rates, transparent pricing and simplified billing, you can confidently rely on us for all of your fleet financing needs.

Use your own capital to purchase vehicles outright while leveraging Addison’s selection, acquisition, upfitting and remarketing expertise to effectively optimize procurement and reduce costs.

Optimized vehicle selection is one of the most effective methods of managing fleet costs. Addison’s comprehensive selection process ensures the most cost effective and well suited vehicles for your needs. We carefully evaluate vehicle requirements and all contributing vehicle costs and provide you with strategic recommendations and a detailed cost analysis report to help you make informed decisions.

Addison doesn’t simply buy and lease vehicles, we are procurement experts. With access to Canada wide dealer inventory and enhanced factory ordering capabilities, Addison will deliver the vehicle you need, when and where you need it. Leveraging our rich experience, relationships and resources we streamline the acquisition process to save you time and ensure the lowest possible capital costs.

With our extensive experience and relationships, Addison negotiates the most competitive concessions and pricing on your behalf. We will also provide recommendations on timing and volume consolidation to maximize concession values.

Addison provides full ship through service facilitating the application of any aftermarket requirements prior to delivery. Whether you require a decal or a full service body, Addison will conveniently deliver your vehicles fully upfitted and ready to go to work.

Effective replacement planning helps to minimize acquisition costs and maximize asset value. Addison strategically consults with you on timing and best practices to establish an optimal cycle strategy. We track usage across your fleet and proactively notify you of upcoming replacement requirements and opportunities to optimize usage.

Addison consistently captures above average resale values through our full service remarketing solution. There is no single best way to sell a vehicle, factors such as vehicle type, age, usage, condition, timing and market dictate the sale avenue likely to bring the highest resale value. We leverage several different remarketing avenues and assess each vehicle on an individual basis to select the best resale method. We take care of everything for you by arranging transport, preparing the vehicle for sale and directly managing the transaction. We’ll also provide fair market value and pricing assessments, cost-benefit assessments on potential repairs and vehicle history reports.

As a full service fleet provider we can assist with all of your acquisition requirements, including short term rentals. Whether you’re in need of a brief solution while awaiting a factory delivery or multiple specific vehicles to complete a project, we can provide the right rental vehicles for your needs at highly competitive pricing.

2. Fuel Management

The cost of fuel is the largest expense for many vehicle fleets. Over a lease cycle an organization will often spend more on fuel than on the vehicle itself. It is critical for companies to gain a deep understanding of what it costs to operate its fleet. Addison has a solution that will give you visibility over fuel costs and help you reduce your fuel spend.

Controlling fuel costs requires three elements to be in place:

  1. Fuel-spend information for each unit in the fleet
  2. An understanding of causes of increased fuel consumption
  3. A solution to eliminate the causes of increased fuel consumption

A new way to see your fuel consumption data. Use our easy data upload tool to take advantage of Addison’s advanced analytics to understand fuel spend and run rates. Slice and dice your data by driver, vehicle or business unit to better understand exactly where fuel costs lie. Use your own data in our lifecycle analysis tools to help plan your next vehicle purchase. Load your historical data to better understand fuel consumption trends and use to improve your budgeting process.

This solution uses fuel card transactions from the Addison fuel and maintenance card to automatically populate the data for the analytics tools. This allows the analytics to run on data that is updated in real-time. Understand your progress toward meeting fuel reduction targets and have the information you need at hand to address problem areas. The success rate of a fuel reduction solution goes up significantly when the data needed to drive its success is readily available.

Advanced telematics provides insight into how driver behaviour is affecting the operating costs of your fleet. Paired with fuel consumption data from the Addison fuel and maintenance card, you have the “cause and effect” story necessary to drive a fuel reduction solution that can reduce fuel consumption by 15% or more.

Excessive Speed: At 120km/h a vehicle uses 20% more fuel than at 100km/h.

Hard Acceleration: Accelerating at a speed that would not spill a coffee reduces consumption by 15%.

Hard Braking: Frequent hard braking is an indication of erratic driving habits, which consumes between 20% to 48% more fuel.

Maintaining a Constant Speed: Cycling between 75km/h and 85km/h every 18 seconds increases fuel consumption by 20%. Cycling every 12 seconds costs 48% more fuel.

Idling: An hour of idling consumes enough fuel to travel 25 to 35 km.

Vehicle Routing: Allocating the nearest vehicle to a job saves significant amounts of time and fuel.

Choosing the correct vehicle for the application is critical to any fuel reduction solution. It’s easy to get caught up in the capital cost of a vehicle. With rising fuel prices, the cost of operating a vehicle over a lease cycle is often more than the cost of the unit itself. Addison’s vehicle selector will use your fuel consumption data to quantify the benefit of moving to vehicles with reduced fuel consumption.


All the fleet management and planning tools in one place. FleetPoint integrates your data into easy to use reports that give you the information you need to effect change.

Addison Fuel and Maintenance Card

A universally accepted fuel card with advanced fraud protection. Fuel, repair and maintenance transactions are used to automatically collect the fleet cost information that drives the advanced analytics.


Addison's telematics offering, with 3-axis accelerometer, GPS and cellular connectivity gives detailed insight into the causes of increased fuel consumption. With the integration of fuel spend and driver behaviour, the “cause and effect” story that is told can be used to lower fuel costs through a comprehensive driver education and monitoring solution.

3. Optimized Maintenance

Vehicles where preventative maintenance is performed according to the manufacturer's recommendations are unlikely to incur significant repair costs and extends the life of normal-wear items. Favorable driver behaviours will help wear-limited items such as tires and brakes meet or exceed the forecasted replacement cycle.

Preventative maintenance includes monitoring wear-related items and addressing premature wear to mitigate more costly repairs. For example, tire rotations and addressing worn brake pads extends the life of a set of tires and protects brake drums and rotors from costly repairs.

Whether the cause is bad driving behaviours, missed service intervals, or some combination of the two, replacing normal-wear items prematurely can be costly.

A set of tires for a pickup truck, installed, will cost an average of $1,400 – if tire rotations are missed or drivers wear tires prematurely the cost of replacing tires an extra time on a lease costs approximately 5% of the depreciation cost of a standard pickup truck. Similarly, brake replacements cost an average of $1,000 for the front and back. When both the brakes and tires require an extra replacement per lease cycle, the cost of ownership increases by up to 10% of the cost of the lease.

With regular odometer updates, Addison's FleetPoint will track the preventative maintenance requirements of your entire fleet. Early warning of upcoming maintenance will minimize disruptions to your core business. Reminders of past-due preventative maintenance will help keep repair costs down by catching missed maintenance early.

The preventative maintenance solutions’s tools are driven off of Addison’s fuel and maintenance card transactions. Fuel consumption is used, between odometer updates, to estimate distance travelled to forecast preventative maintenance needs. Analytics are used to manage and track maintenance frequency and costs and identify exceptions that may require attention.

Advanced telematics provides insight into how driver behaviour is affecting the operating cost of your fleet. Premature wear of brakes and tires can cost up to 10% of the lease cost of a vehicle. The Addison telematics solution can report on excessive speed, hard acceleration, hard braking, hard cornering and vehicle routing to help minimize excess wear and tear.


All the fleet management and planning tools in one place. FleetPoint integrates your data into easy to use reports that give you the information you need to effect change.

Addison Fleet Card

A universally accepted fuel & maintenance card with advanced fraud protection. Fuel, repair and maintenance transactions are used to automatically collect the fleet cost information that drives the advanced analytics.


Addison’s telematics offering, with 3-axis accelerometer, GPS and cellular connectivity gives detailed insight into the causes of increased wear and tear. With the integration of repair spend and driver behaviour, the “cause and effect” story that is told can be used to lower repair costs through a comprehensive driver education and monitoring solution.

4. Driver Safety

Safety is of critical importance to every fleet, our comprehensive Driver Safety Solution incorporates multiple tools to efficiently and effectively manage the operational safety of both your drivers and vehicles. With a number of services available, we can customize the Driver Safety Solution to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Driver Policy

With the impact driver behaviour can have on fleet costs and the importance of safety, an effective driver policy is integral to optimal fleet operations. Addison will design a proficient policy that is aligned with your specific objectives and provide full implementation support.

Driver Abstracts

We streamline the process of qualifying and monitoring your drivers by managing driver abstracts in accordance with provincial regulations and reporting on key performance indicators.

Online Driver Training

Our convenient online driver training course keeps your drivers up to date on road safety, laws and procedures and promotes safe driving habits.


Registration oversights can result in costly penalties and driver down time. Addison will take the laborious task of registration management off your plate, we closely monitor the registration requirements of every vehicle in your fleet and handle the renewal process.

Recall Management

We provide notification of factory recalls and track the completion of recall related repairs to ensure the safety of your vehicles on the road.


Tracks driver behaviour and scores and ranks drivers in accordance with safety compliance.

Collision Notification

Alerts of a sudden stop or impact.

Accident Investigation

Provides details on vehicle speed and driver behaviour at the time of an accident.

5. Carbon Reduction

Include more eco-friendly fleet practices in your corporate environmental responsibility initiatives. The Carbon Reduction Soltuion provides green solutions to help reduce your carbon footprint without compromising operational efficiency.

Hybrid and zero-emission vehicles will be included in your vehicle selectors when feasible. Where a zero-emission solution does not fit the vehicle application, carbon emission ratings will be included in vehicle analysis’ to assist with lower emission selections.

Reporting and analytics identify carbon reduction opportunities through driver behaviour and vehicle performance. Factors such as idling, excessive speeding, hard acceleration, inefficient vehicle routing, overdue preventative maintenance and mechanical issues can all contribute to excess emissions.

Convenient online training course that teaches drivers about green driving habits and the environmental impacts of poor driving habits.

6. Taxable Benefits

Our advanced tracking and reporting tools take the guess work and time consuming administration out of taxable benefit requirements.

A tax benefit report will be generated for each of your drivers utilizing the driver data manually logged through the Mobile App or FleetPoint.

To improve efficiency a tax benefit report is generated utilizing odometer readings and fuel consumption data to calculate estimated kilometre logs.

The most accurate and efficient solution, utilizing GPS, personal and business use is automatically logged according to the time and day of week.