No rocket science here ... it's really rather simple:
We focus on your fleet.


Developing a sound strategic plan for your business' future is at the core of what we do. Our team carefully identifies your strengths, challenges and opportunities to help create the unique solutions you need. We work with you to analyze your fleet operations, establish measurable goals and leverage industry best practices to increase efficiencies, reduce expenses, and maximize productivity. That’s the bottom line.

Annual Reviews

Evaluate the successes of the year to identify areas of opportunities and establish goals for the new year.

Strategic Planning Sessions

Meet quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to design an action plan to achieve fleet targets.

Best Practices

Discover how your fleet measures up to industry standards by statistical analysis & benchmarking.



Our financial strength and expertise allow us to support your present and future fleet. We’ll help enhance cash flow within your business and ensure capital is available for investment and expansion activities. With lots of flexible financing solutions available, we can effectively meet your specific financial objectives.

Choose from our financing options:

  • Conventional or Self-Funded financing
  • Capital or Operating leases
  • Level Pay or Step-Down options
  • Flexible Amortizations


Fleets are dynamic and building the right one for your business is critical. From vehicle selection, ordering and delivery to recommendations on vehicle replacement policy, we support the entire process. Our knowledge of vehicle selection, fleet incentives and depreciation help you make the right decisions and allow us to design a program that saves you both time and money.

The acquisition process includes the following:

Side-by-side Vehicle Comparison

Comparing vehicles to help you make an informed decision the best selection for your fleet based on savings and functionality.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Fully understand what a vehicle will cost you throughout its life.

Replacement Reporting

Accurately plan your budgets by preparing to replace your vehicles at the right time.

Vehicle Ordering

Ordering all your vehicles through one point of contact makes the entire process easy to manage – from selection to delivery.


Leveraging our knowledge and experience we ensure the lowest possible capital cost on every vehicle.

Delivered at your nearest dealership

We provide convenience to you and your drivers through partnerships with local dealers across the country.


Fuel & Maintenance

Our robust fuel & maintenance programs are designed to efficiently manage and reduce operating costs. With a variety of options to choose from, we have a solution to meet every need. From basic visibility and reporting to enhance any procurement method – to a fully managed program complete with comprehensive analytics.


The Addison Fleet Card offers the convenience of universal acceptance across Canada, the security of bank-level fraud protection with chip and pin technology and the flexibility of multiple control levels.


About 20% of your overall fleet costs is fuel, and prices continue to climb. That’s why it’s more important than ever to manage your fuel expenditure. We can help provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to control fuel expenses. For example, we can help manage your driver behaviour and work with you to buy more efficient vehicles. These are just a couple of ways Addison’s fleet fuel program provides both convenience and savings.


Keeping your drivers on the road is absolutely critical. Your team drives revenue, develops new business opportunities, and maintains customer relations and you can’t afford to miss a beat. We can help by minimizing downtime due to preventative maintenance, breakdowns and repairs. Because, although such inconveniences are inevitable, our job is to have your fleet up and running as soon as possible.


Driver Management

Simply put, when you outsource driver management to Addison Fleet, you reduce internal administrative costs. You can even pick and choose selected services that make sense for your operation. Together, we can find the right strategy for you.

Policy Development & Compliance

A comprehensive driver policy is essential to guide corporate objectives related to human resource initiatives, safety, liability and cost reduction. With our extensive experience, we can help you develop a policy that keeps your business on the road.


Ensuring that vehicles are properly licensed, registered and insured is critical and we will administer this time consuming process. Just another tedious task that Addison Fleet can take off your plate and soundly execute on your behalf.

Driver Abstracts

It is critical to know who’s driving your vehicles and how they are driving them. We have the necessary technology to develop and offer you a program to manage the process and improve visibility to your driver behaviours.

Taxable Benefit

It can be a time consuming task to ensure that your drivers submit their personal & business kilometres and audit the data for accuracy. We streamline the process to ensure that you have accurate information on driver usage.


Driver safety is of the utmost importance to any fleet. Improve driver safety compliance through our online driver training program and convenient tools that score and rank driver behaviour.


Purchase Management

Whether companies choose to lease or use their own capital to purchase, we save our clients thousands of dollars in vehicle costs every day. Addison will streamline your procurement process, reduce your acquisition costs and optimize your selection, replacement planning and remarketing. Enjoy the benefits of all of our fleet management solutions while continuing to own your vehicles.

Just a few of the benefits:


Addison works with all manufacturers, dealers and upfitters Canada wide. We can accommodate all of your fleet requirements with a single phone call.


Not only do we provide impartial information and recommendations best suited to your specific needs and objectives, our diverse industry experience provides a wealth of expertise and user feedback relevant to your application.


With access to dealer inventory Canada wide and our expansive upfitter relationships, we will find and deliver the best matched and most economical solution to meet your immediate demands saving you countless sourcing hours and unnecessary expense.


In addition to negotiating the best possible concessions and minimal dealer markup, we will limit the need to pay for undesired option content and unnecessary markup on short notice needs and identify opportunities to reduce upfitting cost.


Whether you choose to lease or purchase outright, you can leverage all of our fleet management solutions from acquisition to fuel and maintenance to remarketing to save your business time and money.



Technology helps us both manage data and build reports but most importantly it provides us the information to make informed decisions. Our technology was created with two objectives in mind — speed and ease of use.


FleetPoint will provide you and your team with complete visibility of your fleet and all of the management tools necessary to optimize your fleet operations. At a glance our dashboard provides instant insight into fleet performance, integrated data and tracking to significantly reduce internal administration. Our comprehensive analytics and reporting will identify cost saving opportunities and simplify budgeting and business planning.


Our advanced Telematics solution drives efficiency, safety and cost reduction in every area of your fleet operation. Integrated with FleetPoint, we have the power to collect critical data from your fleet's real time operations to optimize fleet performance. Just a few of the features and benefits:

  • Enhanced operation cost management
  • Real time tracking and data
  • Enhanced analytics
  • Driver behaviour, safety compliance and accident management
  • Location reporting, route planning and tracking
  • Optional dispatch, man down and satellite communications


With depreciation accounting for 40-48% of your vehicles' cost of ownership, it is critical to sell your assets at the optimal time and for the highest resale value. We have our finger on the pulse of the market so that when we're involved you can be sure you’re going to get the maximum amount you deserve.

To significantly reduce the cost of depreciation, we look at:

Trends and market conditions

With proper knowledge, we can ensure that your vehicles are being sold and replaced at the perfect time to maximize sale proceeds.


When it is time to sell your off-lease vehicles we leverage multiple channels to ensure that we deliver results that matter - higher resale values and shorter sale turnaround times.


Our dedicated remarketing team ensures that we sell your vehicle during the optimum time of year. This can be influenced by vehicle type, geography, and economic factors.


Project Rentals

Our acquisition specialty isn’t limited to long term vehicle solutions, we can help with your short term rental needs as well! With access to a large diverse fleet of rental vehicles and highly competitive pricing, we can provide a cost effective solution that meets your specific requirements.


We will consult with you on your project requirements and provide a cost analysis to help evaluate the available options. Whether it’s determining the right vehicle for a short term need or identifying whether a rental or lease is the ideal solution for your longer term projects, we will provide the tools to help you make the best decisions for your business.


Our support process begins at the earliest stages of your projects. We will assist with vehicle needs assessments and costing to help with your project planning and budget development.


Green Solutions

We acknowledge that our business activities have an economic, environmental and social impact. By following sound sustainability principles, our goal is to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint by optimizing and implementing innovative changes: right sizing fleets, vehicle selection, carbon offsets and green tools.